Saturday, August 6, 2016

Manitou Stone

The School of Badger was born from on-campus badger sightings by the School's founders. To say that the School began with the badger is also to recognize that the land on which the badger lives had a school dropped on top of it. Inside that school, just before the start of the School's performance, was the start of the symposium.

Like Richard did at the start of this residency, symposium participants were welcomed by Jordan, a young Syilx man who spoke to us of where we are, who the Syilx are, before singing the "Okanagan Song," a song that Jeanette sang before Margo introduced her mother, Eloisa, who told us about the Texas-Mexico border wall last month.

Following Jordan was Skawennati, who introduced Archer's funny and touching space-time performance document, Our Beautiful Future, and then David, who presented a condensed version of an address he gave in Australia about the colonial museum and its tendency to make dead the living, be it through variants of reason, rhetoric, accumulation or science -- a presentation that revolved nicely around the Manitou Stone (pictured up top). During the Q&A that followed (or was it the Q&A for Brian's talk after Heather's talk?), Loretta mentioned Leroy Little Bear's interest in quantum physics and waves in contrast to binaries like zeroes and ones.

And more. But I will get that -- once I get my notes in order!

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