Monday, August 15, 2016


South of Marine Drive in North Vancouver, between Lloyd Avenue and Lower Capilano Road, is a low flat area of unceded Squamish territory comprised of residential and commercial buildings. Griffin Art Projects is located there, as is North Shore RV Centre, where I find things for my trailer.

Recently I found myself wandering down the area's narrow easements and lane ways, marvelling at the 1950s and 60s era rancher houses, not to mention some amazing trees, gardens and public green spaces, when I came upon a DoNV construction crew.

I asked, "What is this area called?" and one of them, the younger one who looked like an engineer, said, "Norgate," while another, an older guy whose hands looked like they had lived most of their lives outdoors, said, "Little Hawaii!"

Around the corner, closer to Marine Drive, was a strange, vaguely alpine house that said on it Khot-La-Cha Art Gallery & Gift Shop, and I went inside.

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