Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Jesse Marketing Systems

221A programs are developed in-house, with a curatorial emphasis on projects by staff and residents. With this in mind, specific proposals are seldom encouraged, but we do appreciate bodies of work being brought to our attention to inform our planning. For further information please contact Jesse McKee, Head of Strategy at

I had to start over after reading “programs” as a verb.

Okay, so 221A does not program projects, it produces something called “curatorial emphasis” from the work of those employed there (“staff”) and that of invited guests (“residents”).

So now that I have “this in mind,” which proposals were “encouraged” and how “specific” are they? And of the "proposals" and/or “bodies of work” that were not encouraged, which of them “inform[ed] [y]our planning,” and where on your site can I find them acknowledged (in the form of Themes Received)?

This is not a request for “further information.”

This is the kind of copy a “Head” writes when the curator who donned that cap is a marketing system.

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