Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Touch the Donkey, No. 25

A lot of poems these days as lineless blocks and those with lines that break for no reason, as if their authors take their cues from pictures, which is fine, we're a visual culture.

The current issue of Touch the Donkey features nine poets, three of whom are women. Of these three, all favour long lines, if not the block or a single stanza.

One poet, émilie kneifel, provides little biographical information, apart from collecting lost teeth and directing us to

Here is the opening of kneifel's atmospheric poem "two siblings visit the third in toronto":

a honk is a person, two at least, colliding or almost. it's them in that
whoosh, the cars and cars and cars commuting, the always lights
with which to see.

A shimmering image for this reader. But two words stand out: "almost" and "always".

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