Sunday, November 10, 2019

Goodbye to All That (1929)

Found this and a bunch more Graves at one of the newer second-hand stores on East Hastings, between Nanaimo and Slocan.

Here's a passage (p.169) that warms my heart:

I bought a small two-roomed cottage from my mother, who owned considerable house-property at Harlech. This was done in defiance of the war: something to look forward to when the guns stopped. We always thought of the end of the war as 'when the guns stop'. I white-washed the cottage, which stood at some distance from the village, and furnished it with a table, a chair, a bed, a few dishes, and cooking utensils. I had decided to live there one day on bread and butter, bacon and eggs, lettuce in season, cabbage and coffee; and to write poetry. My war bonus would keep me for a year or two at least. Having put in a big window to look out over the wood below and across the broad plain to the sea, I wrote two or three poems here as a foretaste of the good life to come; but have suppressed them all since. 

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