Sunday, December 2, 2012

"shoulders, necks"

Poet and Thursdays Writing Collective member Elee Kraljii-Gardiner reminded me of another text-based project in Vancouver's downtown eastside -- the Whispers Project.

The above text, located on the east wall of 58 Powell Street, is an excerpt from a larger poem by Intrepid Pens collective member Amanda Grondahl. Yesterday afternoon I walked past this text on my way to Mina Totino's talk at Artspeak Gallery, where the artist spoke on her Cloud Studies (1997-2010), as well as a history of clouds and their naming.

What attracts me to Amanda's text, apart from its proximity to the storefront tattoo parlour it shares its wall with, is the poet's decision to use a comma, not the conjunctive and, between that which "used to fit so well together."

Would "our shoulders, necks" fit better together with that and between them? I don't think so -- I find the comma's seriality more connective, capable of uniting the entire body in a smooth, less intrusive fashion. Yet this section of her poem (itself removed from what precedes it) asks us to consider just that.

Click here to read Amanda's poem.

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