Monday, September 26, 2016

Some Kelowna Houses

North of Pandosy Village near the lakeshore is Kelowna General Hospital, where I began yesterday's walk -- north on Abbott Street,  through the tunnel under the highway just east of the bridge, around downtown and back again.

There are some impressive houses along Abbott, from the Streamline Moderne

to the bungalow

to what might be called "modern Spanish colonial"

to those still finding their way.

Below is one of a number of posters I saw tacked to tree trunks on my walk up Abbott.

The text below the image reads:

African mask stolen from 344 Park Avenue on September 19th. 

Approximately 2m (6 feet) tall.

Reward $200 for information resulting in its recovery.

Please contact Robert at 250 826 1447

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