Sunday, September 4, 2016

Interior Provincial Exhibition

Oldtimers still call it the Armstrong Fair, but in an effort to "act so that there is no use in a centre," to quote Gertrude Stein, provincial funders insisted on something more regionally inclusive (expansive?), and thus the Interior Provincial Exhibition, or IPE, was born.

As a child growing up in Vancouver, we had the Pacific National Exhibition, or PNE. It too had a midway lined with games of chance, rides and fun food; barns and arenas where animals, plants, pies and art were entered into competition; and outdoor performances by loggers, demolition derby drivers and musicians. Something the PNE does not have that distinguishes it from the IPE and the larger Calgary Stampede is a rodeo.

Pictured below in the "Hobbies" section is a "Class #6" example of "FIRST NATIONS Buckskin wearing Apparel any article":

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