Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jesse Marketing Systems II

Jesse Marketing Systems is circulating Royal College of Art-style advice -- for free. Young Curators, please note that Jesse, too, is a Young Curator, and will remain so if he continues to emphasize his received experiences over his lived ones. 

Content that is singularly produced -- also known as own content or Mine! -- is Roark and rarely the result of critical conversation. Like gold bullion, it is a hedge against the fluctuations of self-reflection. To say that a ladder is part of your psychic workspace, and that your workspace smokestacks industry, is also backwards. Scrap it!

As for voice, employ different voices, just as you would different materials for different jobs. As for living well above (and below) the poverty line, read Hamsun’s Hunger and get back to me, for I too am an established institution, an example of the pitfalls of traction as stance.

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