Thursday, September 15, 2016

"Reflections of the way life used to be"

Years ago I remember the late Jack Adelaar telling me how his and Maryon's house fire was likely caused by sunlight magnified by one of their Chihuly glass sculptures and, like a death ray, directed at an overstuffed couch.

As Jack told his story I thought of the last time I held a magnifying glass, how as kids these things were part of our weapons systems, like the knives and slingshots we also kept in our pockets. I think I still I have the piece of chamois Phil Comparelli and I burned our names into at Camp Elphinstone the summer when this song was on the radio.

As for the picture up top, that's what I saw on my desk the other night while transcribing my lecture notes from the day before: the effect of the southwest light coming through my window and projecting onto my notebook the contents of my wine glass.

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