Sunday, February 12, 2017

Say It With Diamonds


what anger forms
this stone is shown

carved is art
but a jewel must be cut

who says it is
a shield before injury kneeling

sword in hand
a cross that cries by right


gathered to face
the interior administration

of trustworthy light
equal until otherwise

a documentation problem
Da Vinci’s diners face out

a facet for each knight
does not always make it round


down and outwards
a susceptible angle

the collected scratches
a history of resistance

its rule and its injustices
gold’s purple abdication

gone fishin’ is free
to lure each shilling


a border
not a cinch

to look at
catch light

its top assumes
a bottom

an indifferent gesture
sparkles at night


on climbing days
cutting feet

legs swinging
the body in each finger

under the weather

with every ascent
a pulling


flat or pointed
goes unseen

a spinning top
is not about

what goes on

but what comes up
from under

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