Friday, February 3, 2017

A small room inside a bay window. A single bed, a table and chair, and a sink. I could manage something larger, with more conveniences, but I could never match the view.

Laid out before me are postcards from yesterday's visit to Pandosy Books. Fifty of them -- at 50 cents apiece. Most are ghastly hand-tinted photos of the craters, geysers and pools at Yellowstone National Park.

Castle Geyser and Crested Pool, Morning Glory Pool, Crater of Mud Volcano, Oblong Geyser, Mammoth Paint Pots, Riverside Geyser, Lone Star Geyser, Orange Geyser, Crater of Grotto Geyser, Sponge Geyser...

I keep playing with them, arranging them in grids of four, nine and twelve, hoping to find something worth framing.

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