Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Glenn Lewis

Eva Madden has made a short video on Glenn Lewis that has the artist recognizable to those who know him.

At one point in the video we see Glenn walking through the Ambivalent Pleasures exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery, where his photo/pot works are on display.

On pairing his pots with photos of the places in which his pots (and the photos) were made, Glenn says, "When you're putting something together, say a photograph and a pot, I mean this is an illogical thing. But when I am thinking about an artwork, it's a different kind of process and I think it's maybe a kind of poetic process. When you think about it, what is the inspiration for poetry? It is actual life -- I mean it is something that you notice in your everyday world."

Of Tamara Henderson's sculpture and paintings, Glenn says (0:39-0:44), "These are far out." But when he enters a room of Kim Dorland paintings (1:12-1:15), he looks away.

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