Saturday, February 4, 2017

Artist Visit

Lots of snow in the Okanagan Valley yesterday. But snow was not a problem for flights departing Kelowna Airport, only for those departing for an equally snowy Vancouver.

Geoffrey Farmer, a guest of UBC Okanagan's Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, was scheduled to return to Vancouver yesterday, but his flight was cancelled, so he flew out this morning.

Geoffrey arrived in Kelowna on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday morning we drove to Brian's ranch for lunch. After that, back to Kelowna for Geoffrey's artist talk at the RCA.

Here are the full-length versions of the three videos that Geoffrey showed as an overture to that talk:

Last night Geoffrey and I attended the opening of Fabrications at the Kelowna Art Gallery. Below is a detail from Libby Hague's mural, a quote that I thought was from The Matrix (1999) but, as we found out later from the work's directory, is from an unattributed film by Woody Allen. Could it be this one?

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