Monday, April 4, 2016

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

A seasonal highlight for me is the blossoming of the Japanese Cherry trees that line our block and, because these trees are huge now, create that tunnelling effect that attracts visitors the world over.

Once this tunnel is established, and the day is as blue as it was yesterday, it is not uncommon to see vanloads of tourists pull up at the west end of our block and walk the gentle slope towards Clark Drive.

Most of these tourists carry cameras. And if they are not carrying cameras, they are running in front of those who are, posing, allowing themselves to be directed, or taking the place of the photographer so that he or she can get in the picture, too.

Now that everything digital is also a camera, other sights include visitors walking down the middle of the street holding up their iPads and, more dangerously, those racing past, holding their smart phones out of their sun roofs of their cars.

But alas, there are those who continue to earn the baleful stares of my neighbours, those who, in their desire to get the best picture ever, step on our flower beds, climb onto the hoods of our cars and, once done, leave behind what they are no longer in need of.

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