Monday, March 21, 2016

Somewhat Mine: A Nanaimo Retrospective

On Saturday we got up early so we could visit Ron Tran's exhibition at the Nanaimo Art Gallery. Entitled Somewhat Mine: A Nanaimo Retrospective, the exhibition features past work Ron made in different cities but recreated for (and with) local populations.

The NAG is a relatively new building, though its interior display space belongs more to the 19th century than this one. Nevertheless, Ron and curator Jesse Birch found a way around the space's constraints by bringing in fence panels on which to support the work. (Pictured in the monitor above is an older performance Ron did at a Burger King on Main Street, where he mimicked the person eating across from him.)

After our tour, and a small lunch at Mon Petit Choux (where the borscht was salty, not sweet), we headed to Parksville, to pick through the Society of Organized Services Thrift Store.

From there, a visit to Shack Island...

…where we scampered about…

…before stopping at the Terminal Mall liquor store…

... then to Ron's for pizza and puppetry.

Still not sure how we made the last ferry back. But we did. And a lovely time was had by all!

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