Thursday, March 3, 2016

Audain Art Museum

The media tour of the new Audain Art Museum at Whistler is an hour from now. Had the weather turned out better, I would have driven up for it. Instead, some pictures I took last fall.

The entrance to the museum begins with a long gangplank, similar to the one God instructed Noah to build. A vestibule separates the front door from the lobby. The interior panelling is hemlock.

Here is a picture of artist Paul Wong telling people how to install his commissioned lobby piece, No Thing Is Forever (2015). Standing with his hands behind his back is museum curator Darrin Martens.

Here is the main hallway as you step from the lobby and look north. The first gallery complex (to your left) is a story of BC art that features a room dedicated to the paintings of E.J. Hughes. The galleries at the end of the hallway are larger and, in the spirit of NAFTA, are scheduled to open with paintings by Mexican moderns Orozco, Rivera and Siqueiros, and a sculpture by Rufino Tamayo.

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