Monday, March 7, 2016

Lucy Lippard

Lucy Lippard is no stranger to Vancouver. Between January 13 - February 8, 1970, she mounted one of her Numbers exhibitions here (955, 000 appeared at the VAG and at other locations). She was also a reader of the Western Front's defunct Front magazine, where, in its Summer, 1992 issue, she came upon Renee Rodin's "We Are Cultivating Tolerance" and mentioned it in her groundbreaking book Lure of the Local (1997).

The picture up top was taken by Christos Dikeakos in December, 1969 -- a documentation of Robert Smithson's Glue Pour performance. To Smithson's right are Dennis Wheeler and Ilya Pegonis; to his left, Lucy Lippard. Click here for Adam Lauder's recent re-appreciation of Smithson's "Vancouver Sojourn" in Canadian Art.

Lippard's most recent "visit" to Vancouver is her contribution to Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun's Unceded Territories catalogue, to be published on the occasion of his Museum of Anthropology survey (due to open May 10). I am hoping Lippard will come to town for this, give a talk, meet with us as she has in the past. She is such a generous person, and a big reason why Vancouver art looks and feels the way it does.

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