Saturday, March 26, 2016

recto-verso at CSA

CSA continues to mount engaging exhibitions with no public money, in a space about a quarter the size of Artspeak. The gallery's current exhibition, entitled recto-verso, features five works by the ever-exacting Lyndl Hall.

According to the exhibition text (at the very least co-authored by curator Steffanie Ling), "the works in recto-verso are concerned with division and allocation in an undifferentiated plane; the interpretation of omens and signs; as well as measuring, counting, rhyming and daydreams."

Moving clock-wise from left as you enter the gallery:

1) Reveries (hopscotch variation 1-3). Digital print, 2012

2) Tools and Equipment of the Cartographer and Draughtsman, Restaged (from "Elements of Cartography," 1966). Digital print, 2013

3) recto-verso chapbook. Digital print, 2016 (this work is a take away)

4) Sundials & Hopscotch: A Handbook (recto-verso). Digital print, 2016

5) Reveries (pocket sundial). Digital print, 2012

In picture-taking my way through this exhibition, I found that I was holding my camera (phone) similarly to how the actor is holding the "pocket sundial". Funny how that goes. (Apologies for the quality of my pictures.)

recto-verso is up until April 3.

* photo of Lyndl Hall from Vancouver Is Awesome

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