Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stolen Property

A lot was made recently of a run-down house on Vancouver's west side that was listed at 2.4 million dollars. Why the Vancouver media continues its fascination with stories like this says less about our real-estate driven economy than our media's refusal to inform the public of what is really going on. And no, I don't mean that the price of real estate reflects the land, and not the house on top of it. Nor the un-illegal practice of "shadow flipping". I am speaking here of those who hold title on properties who believe that the land belongs to them (and their bank), when in fact it doesn't belong to them (or their bank), it belongs to the Coast Salish people -- who never sold it in the first place! When are Vancouver journalists going to start reporting the facts and finish their real estate reports correctly, with lines like, "All of which is moot, as the land referred to in this story is stolen"?

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