Sunday, February 14, 2016

Friend - to M.F. (1978)

An artist like any other, but as a painter can get anxious. Fraught with nos and won’ts, nots and don’ts. To pass on the street unacknowledged (by mistake) is to sometimes feel the eyes.

Did Feldman feel Guston’s eyes on him? Did Feldman know Guston was there? We know Guston felt snubbed and that Feldman was prone to his own nos and won’ts, nots and don’ts (and shouldn'ts).

Feldman was a composer, first, but what was his instrument, besides his ear? (A cigarette?) To say that Guston made of Feldman’s ear the kind of painting he quit making is a no, for it is a return, this ear, and that’s a passage anguish makes.

At some point a painter stops being an artist, a pianist a musician, a novelist a writer. Not all the time, or forever, but at some point it is felt and the medium is in danger of being exchanged for the lock on the door that is style.

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