Friday, March 6, 2015

Team Logos

Much has been made of the National Football League's Washington Redskins and their nickname. The Wikipedia entry -- "Washington Redskins name controversy" -- is huge.

When the National Hockey League's Winnipeg Jets moved to Phonenix, Arizona, in 1996, ownership came up with a new nickname and a new uniform -- what is known as the "kachina uniform," after the Hopi spirit. When asked about the kachina logo, its designer Greg Fischer said:

"As we were moving into this the league gave their opinion on the colour palette they thought might work for a new NHL team and they were adamant about the logo. There were so many angry animals coming on board at that time and they were like 'do not do an angry animal logo because we'll never says yes.'"

However, when the team moved from multicultural Phoenix to honky Glendale in 2003, they changed the logo to a teeth-bearing ("angry"?) animal, and reduced the uniform's colour palette to "Bright Maroon," "Deep Wine," "Sedona Gold," and "Sand."

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