Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Adrian Piper

The screenings at last Sunday's Countercultures Forum were selected by event programmer Jesse McKee. These screenings were comprised of six film and video works, beginning with Buckminster Fuller Meets the Hippies (1966 or 1968); the Newsreel Collective's Garbage (1968); Videofreex's Women's Lib Discussion: Burning Theatre and Alternative U (1970),  Fred Hampton: Black Panthers in Chcago (1969) and Fred Hampton: Chant and Demonstration (1970); and Adrian Piper's The Mythic Being Cycle I 2/66 (1974). Up top is a "snapshot" of Adrian Piper interviewed in the 1980s. The topic is "performance art," but her response has more to do with activism than performance's object-indifferent cousin -- conceptualism.

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