Thursday, March 12, 2015

Jordan Bateman: CTF Step-and-Fetch-It

There is so much to object to in this fallacy-friendly video, from the conflation of "service" and "labour" in the YouTube description (notice that the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation uses the American spelling ["labor"] in its inter-titles), to Jordan Bateman's visual assessment of the clerks' behaviours. (Personally, I find the tranquility of the public-sector liquor store a welcome relief from "our" all-to-often rawk-oriented "free-market" versions.)

Apropos of yesterday's post, notice how Bateman refers to this as "the story [my italics] of our two liquor clerks." The same would apply to those many articles out there that, if you search-engineer "Why people vote against their best interests," speak of low-income white people in Kentucky -- some of whom have been helped by Obama's social and economic policies -- voting against the party that initiated those policies.

The racism in these articles is indeed operative at the tail end of the above video, where almost everyone pictured is white.

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