Sunday, September 1, 2013

Some Powell River Garages

Above are six houses, each with a garage (or provision for one, in the case of the last house). All six are located a block north of the houses in yesterday's post; all except the fifth and sixth run north to south.

The first two garages were at some point turned into discrete domiciles; the second two, like the first two, were painted to match the houses above them (whether the fourth one is a domicile, I am not sure); the fifth garage is at least a patio; the sixth garage is a ruin.

My interest is in the first two garages. Were they modified to house the children of those who purchased the houses above them, adult children who did not leave Powell River but could not afford lodgings of their own? And after those who owned these houses passed away, were these modified garages rented to non-family members, a supplemental income for those laid off at the mill?

Something I noticed during my trip to Powell River was a lack of rental apartments. Where did the first generation of single millworkers live, those too young to afford a house? Did the mill supply worker housing? What kind of town was this?

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