Saturday, August 31, 2013

Some Powell River Houses

Pictured above is a street that runs just west of Marine Avenue and just south of the town centre. Below this street is another street. After that, a bushy slope. Then the beach and the Strait of Georgia.

At the north end of the block stand two houses.

The house at the corner

and the house just south of it.

The first house has a well-planned shrub border, comprised of heather and juniper. Behind it, a rhoddodendron that looks to have been planted in the early 1980s. Like the border, the lawn is well-maintained.

Apart from the sunflowers, nasturtium and lavender, the second house does not have an established garden feature. Nor a lawn that has been watered beyond seasonal rainfalls.

Something these houses have in common, though, is that both have on their property signs that provide information on who lives in them and why their gardens look the way they do.

In the driveway of the first house is a car with veteran license plates. These plates indicate that whoever lives inside is likely retired and  has more time for gardening than those with young children.

Leaning against the second house is a child's bicycle.

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