Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Squatters Rights

This silent 8mm concert film was shot at Powell River. The clothes, the dance moves and the musical equipment suggest the summer of 1968. One imagines the songs to be closer to surf music than psychedelia.

A 3:51 minute film running at 24 frames-per-second is roughly the length of a super-8 film cartridge. As such, I would guess that this film was shot on super-8, if not for the double exposures at the beginning, which suggests a double-8 format, where the film is flipped halfway through shooting.

The singer in the last band is identified as "Brian Eccles". I search-engineered "Brian Eccles Powell River" and found that between 1965-1968 Brian Eccles was a member of a band called The Squatters Rights. Further engineering returned him to this blog. Turns out I visited Brian's studio three years ago, as a guest of the Queen Charlotte City Arts Council.

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