Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Opening of SWARM 14

SWARM 14 kicks off today.

The most westerly venue is Malaspina Printmakers Gallery

which will host NET ETH: Going Out of the Darkness, "a group exhibition of over twenty contemporary and traditional First Nations artists, among them...Indian Residential School survivors and their descendants whose work is a powerful testimony to their personal healing process," according to curators Tarah Hogue and Rose Spahan.

The most easterly venue is Equinox Gallery

where the New Forms Festival is presenting Scenes from an Unsound Mind, an exhibition that makes no mention of the artists involved and begins with propositions by literary critic Leslie Fiedler, who "considers the basis for all Westerns as a) an excursion into the unknown and b) and encounter with the Other."

While these two galleries could not be further apart physically, it is their content that could potentially pave the road between them.

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