Friday, September 13, 2013

Gropp's Gallery Collective

Among the many stops I made during the first night of SWARM 14 was the Gropp's Gallery Collective at 144 East 6th Avenue, for the launch of Gropp's Summer Special: Art Harvest Showdown.

Houses like this one (a defaced example of Victorian Italianate architecture from the late 1880s) are rare in a city that has consistently forsaken its past for the future. As for its interior, it is hard not to look at the kitchen and think of the 1960s.

One work that caught my eye is a collection of handmade knives by Jordan Turner (no relation). Not just the knives themselves, which are carefully crafted, but their arrangement and display.

Another notable work is an Italian-made seven-foot tall limestone sculpture that stands in the garden out front, what I am told is one of the largest examples of 3-D printing in North America. The name of the artist slips my mind, but once I find out, I will pass it on.

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