Saturday, March 9, 2013

Province Journalism

Is it really so "unclear" why people are protesting Pidgin (located across the street from Pigeon Park) and not other restaurants in the DES?

Did the reporter think to ask that question? And if she did not get a response from the protester she spoke with, did she not think to ask another protester?

Seems to me the protester made it clear that Pidgin was a "line in the sand" between the affordable eastern part of the DES and its "gentrified" western aspect -- yet the reporter denies the clarity of the protester's response in her conclusion.

If I was Larissa Cahute's editor I would ask that the reporter abandon this "angle" and return to the story.

The protesters outside Pidgin are not strategically vague about why they are there (a la the Occupy Movement); they are there because Pidgin is, as one of them clearly said, a "line in the sand."

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