Saturday, March 2, 2013

Magazine Photography

Another way to date a nude photograph (in the absence of indicators mentioned in yesterday's post) is the presence and presentation of a woman's pubic hair. The above picture features model Celeste Sarah Dreyfus, listed on the The Seductive Jewess site as Type IV/#52.

Regardless of what Dreyfus's classification means, to say nothing of the impetus behind this very strange site (its subtitle reads: "Case Studies on the Racial Anatomy, Provocative Sexuality and Subversive Behaviour of the Female Jew"), what we have near the centre of this picture is that which first appeared in Penthouse magazine in June 1970 and was followed nine months later by its rival, Playboy.

As to the date of this picture, I would guess from the lacquered pink chair that it was taken in the very-late 1970s, well in advance of the waxing trend that continues to this day.

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