Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gutter with Rags #2 (2002)

Yesterday's picture could be seen as an example of what artist Roy Arden has called the "landscape of the economy," a term he coined in the 1990s to organize a series of works that show the impact of the capitalist mode of production on the natural environment. Not the built environment itself, such as towers and roads and the intersections between public and private space, but the dross we heap atop it, like the discarded wood (from a film production?) at the centre of Robertson's picture.

The above picture is by Roy Arden, entitled Gutter with Rags #2 (2002), from the artist's website. The picture below is the same picture but from the website of a private gallery who represents Arden's work. Note the difference in resolution, the care the artist takes in presenting his work versus that of a commercial dealer -- a difference so great as to constitute an entirely different work, one that could well be dubbed the "cyberspace of the economy."

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