Friday, March 1, 2013

Four of a Kind

Hard to tell when this picture was taken. Usually we look at clothing, appliances, cars and architecture to date things, but this picture has none of that.

The woman third-from-the-left has a 1970s hair-do, but the guy she is looking at is thoroughly mid-60s. Could it be a time-space thing, where she is a modern girl from New York or California and her friends are from a small Midwestern town?

Where are we, if we are not at a nudist colony?

As for the material quality of the image, that too is hard to tell. Are we certain that this picture was shot on film?

Notice that all four are wearing medallions. These could be St. Christopher's medals, which were very popular amongst younger travellers in the 1970s.

But are they travellers? And if so, where did they come from? And where did they go from here?


  1. The picture was taken at a nudist resort, which has/had a snack bar called "The White Oak". At the time of the picture was taken an ASA convention was held there. The girl on the left had appendicitis surgery shortly before. :-) The medallions must be kinda proof of membership or "been there" souvenirs.

    A photographer took a few dozen pictures on that day, maybe he documented the ASA convention. Now these pictures diffusely spread on the internet, mostly tagged as "vintage nudist". You are lucky if you find more than one per site. Someone must recognize the buildings, pools etc. in the background. Maybe there's a list of the ASA conventions (date and place), it may help answer our burning questions. :-)

    Budapest, Hungary

  2. It's 1962 and this is the White Oak Lodge near Medford, Oregon. The girl on the left (with the appendicitis scar) is Rena Björnsson, she had holiday here with her parents. The medallions are ASA emblems with the ASA logo on them.

    The "1970s hair-do" is an optical illusion, the girls' hair is simply wet.

    That's all. :-)