Friday, September 24, 2010

I Googled "Andy Warhol Macy's" and the first thing to come up was area rugs.

Another click and I found this:

"In 1980 Andy Warhol visited Rosenthal AG in Selb accompanied by the gallery owner Hans Mayer and his manager Fred Hughes. The contact had been arranged by Dr. Peter Littmann, a senior manager at the company and keen art enthusiast, to arrange a portrait of Philip Rosenthal. He found his visit to Rosenthal inspiring, especially the atmosphere in Erkersreuth Castle. The later portrait of Philip Rosenthals was created in Warhol's New York 'Factory' Studio based upon the Polaroid shots taken in Selb.

From the year 2002 on, the Warhol Foundation has granted Rosenthal exclusive access to the entire body of Andy Warhol’s visual work. The images selected for the Andy Warhol Collection combine some of the loviest and rarest examples of Warhol’s genius with several of his best known portraits, such as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. The translation into fine porcelain and crystal provide an utterly fresh and enchanting insight into this world-famous 20th century talent. Rosenthal didn’t just reproduce the images, but worked with them. The Warhol Foundation trusted them to adapt Warhol's masterpieces tastefully, and they were pleased with the work that Rosenthal designers achieved.

For the only definitive Andy Warhol d├ęcor available, place your trust in the designers at Rosenthal!"

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