Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another strange dream last night, this one relating to yesterday’s post.

I am driving a lonely stretch of road, a desert, and up ahead is a tavern. Next thing I know I am inside the tavern. Running the tavern are deceased General Idea members Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal. This is a typical U.S. tavern, except for a neon sign promoting not beer but FILE Magazine. The truckers are irritated by the FILE sign, enough to unsettle me, though I am not sure what their problem is.

Behind the bar is a television set. A football game is playing. One of the truckers asks Zontal to change the channel, and he complies. We join a Harry Potter film in progress. The truckers stop their complaining and settle into the scene: Harry and his friends whispering under a tree. Now it is the characters that seem unsettled. They are waiting.

A horse-drawn carriage pulls up -- and out steps AA Bronson. He lays into the kids -- about their clothes, how childish they look, how it is “time to grow up.” They look away. Ronald Weasely starts to cry.

Bronson goes to the back of the carriage and removes a box marked “MASSAGE TABLE”. He asks Potter to help with the assembly and Potter tells him he has no interest in him or his box, and that he is “not welcome in these parts.”

As soon as he says the word “parts", Felix Partz turns into a bat and flies to the shoulder of Jorge Zontal who, upon contact with the bat, turns into an out-of-character “Rubeus Hagrid”, which is to say the actor Robbie Coltrane.

The TV goes black.

Outside the tavern, a horse-drawn carriage.

That’s when I wake up.

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