Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Surviving General Idea member AA Bronson proposed a master class for the Banff Centre for the Arts this past summer.

The announcement at bottom was taken from his website. It appears to have been rewritten -- in the past tense.

at The Banff Centre (Alberta) May 10 - June 18, 2010

This master class was designed to revisit the sixties notion of the "free school" to construct an experiment in education and collaboration. Inspired by faerie circles, tea parties, queer rituals, group therapy, ceremonial magic, quilting bees, circle jerks, and other spiritual, psychological and social forms, the participants were to work with each other and with AA Bronson to construct a context in which to develop their individual projects. Readings and group discussion included diverse topics related to art, healing, ritual, sexuality, and spirit.

AA Bronson has canceled the master class: "Perhaps I was foolish to think that queer ritual and queer community could flourish in the institutional environment of the Banff Center."

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