Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Awoke to the marching armies of parents and children on their way to school. Today is the first day back for some, the first day -- period -- for others.

Funny watching these kids lumbering up the slope, moving stiffly in their new clothes -- jackets designed for January, not September, their knapsacks looking more like jet packs, or huge insects!

I remember my first day of Grade One. Quilchena Elementary. My mother walked me. We had just moved to our new house at Cypress and 33rd, and the uphill walk to 37th and Laburnum (only four blocks south, one west) was epic. How will I find my way home? How will I remember how to get here tomorrow?

Last week I mentioned this to my mother.

But I was there for you, after school.

I guess so. But how were you so sure I would find my way the next day? Weren’t you worried I might get lost?

Yes, I was worried.

But I didn’t get lost, did I? I said confidently.

No you didn’t. I made sure of it.


You don’t know this, but for the first three weeks I followed you.

I’m surprised I didn’t notice.

Well that was the funny thing -- from the moment you left to the moment you arrived, not once did you turn around.


  1. Sweet - I would do the same. My mom, on the other hand, and all the other moms in Fort Langley, let us walk the 1/2 k to school on our own from day one, didn't follow, and wasn't the least bit concerned. Only anxious for peace and quiet - and this I can relate to too.