Saturday, January 6, 2018

Practice Makes Prefect

Recent talk of Donald Trump's art practice -- conceptual art, land art, private practice (the "art of the deal"?) -- brings to mind past talk of past-president George W. Bush's paintings.

In Vancouver, we have developers like Westbank and marketing systems managers like Bob Rennie trying to convince the public that they, too, have a cultural practice -- as "city builders."

The question is not where will it stop, but how far will it go?

Everyday Trump tweets out more about himself than he thinks:

Every day the artist Richard Prince does the same:

Both Trump and Prince possess what Artforum co-publisher Charles Guarino describes as prerequisites for participation in Today's Art World: "a really serious case of attention deficit disorder, a little bit of Asperger's, and...what I can only describe as a man-sized ego."

Oh, and by the way, it's "corn mash," not "corn bread." But given Prince's work -- his remarkable art practice -- he likely knows that and is simply adding (as subtracting) to that which is not yet sold.

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