Thursday, January 4, 2018

June 3, 2017

While working through my emails yesterday morning I came upon subject line "June 3, 2017" from the artist Tim Lee. His message reads:

1. Saturday, partly cloudy, high of 17.9°C. A grey morning that got brighter throughout the day.

2. The Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus in Cardiff, Wales. Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice as Madrid wins 4-1 and retains the European title in back-to-back seasons. As is our custom, Stephanie and I watched the match at the Three Brits Pub in English Bay. An annual ritual in which Hassan usually takes part. Unfortunately he was ill that morning and could not join us. 

3. Watching the same match in a pub in Borough Market, London is Roy Larner who was among the bystanders in an attack by 3 men who drove a truck into pedestrians leaving 7 dead and 48 wounded. Half-inebriated from game-time drinking, he got up and yelled “Fuck you, I’m Millwall” as he single-handedly took on the knife-wielding attackers armed with nothing more than his fists.

4. On its first Saturday in theatres, Wonder Woman earns 35 million dollars at the box office setting a record for a film directed by a female. The movie features its protagonist, like Roy Larner, going alone through No Man's Land and capturing the enemy trench, allowing the Allied forces to help her liberate the village of Veld. In the climactic battle between the hero and villain, Wonder Woman redirects Ares' lightning onto himself, disintegrating his body and leaving a black crater depressed in the surface of the Earth.

5. At the entranceway to Granville Island, a sinkhole appears.

6. You did not post on your blog. The only day missing that year.

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