Sunday, September 3, 2017

Dave Biddle

On the evening of August 30th, in an effort to cool down after one too many hot August nights, I set out on a walk that led to the Lido, where I was introduced to Dave Biddle, a tall muscular presence in his late 20s dressed in white shorts and a white t-shirt, and whose dyed blonde hair is cut in a page boy. Attached to Dave's chest was a saxophone harness, but because it could be a fashion accessory, I didn't ask.

Half a cold beer later Dave and his percussionist bandmate Justin Williams, who perform under the name Linda Fox, took the stage. What followed were four long and atmospheric songs that featured Dave on saxophone and keyboards, but most prominently on vocals, which had him singing into either a pitch shifter or an octave divider -- with the octave set above Middle-C.

The effect was jarring, at first, but soon enough Dave's vocals passed from spectacle into sincerity and tenderness.

At various points during the show I Googled Dave and found that he once played international rugby. He also plays in Dada Plan with his brother Malcolm. At present Dave is a student at SFU's School for the Contemporary Arts. Prior to that he attended Concordia.

I expect to be hearing more from this motivational artist in the future.

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