Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Ghost of Lee Atwater

I waited until midnight to hear it, but none of the analysts said it. So I will say it. A bigger shock than Donald Trump becoming president will be his bi-partisan appointments. Look for an extraordinary number of Democratic women, people of colour, LGBTQ and disabled in key political positions.

Is it so strange that Trump will make so many bi-partisan appointments? Not when so many of his party members abandoned him (these are the people Trump really wants to stick it to). As for his behaviour towards women, people of colour and the disabled, regardless of whether Trump is a misogynist or a racist, these behaviours only endeared him to those white guys whose votes he needed to win the election -- and his campaign knew it!

So my question is, Who on Trump's campaign recognized this? Who was his dramaturge, his head of strategy? Was it the ghost of Lee Atwater? Or was it Corey "Let Trump Be Trump" Lewandowski, who Trump fired halfway through his campaign?

After four years Trump will leave office as one the best-loved American presidents, ever. Not because he will have adjusted his personality or dropped his bullying behaviours, but because the population will only become more like him. "He is a bully," they will say, "but he is our bully," and that is where America is headed.

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