Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day

Here are the percentages of eligible voter turn-out for the last five U.S. presidential elections:

1996: 49.0%
2000: 50.3%
2004: 55.7%
2008: 57.1%
2012: 54.9%

The average is 53.4%

Donald Trump has said numerous times (always when he is slipping in the polls) that the election is rigged against him. What he doesn't say is that the alleged conspirators are the very people who have kept him in the headlines and have made a ton of money doing so -- the media.

I wonder if in my lifetime I will see a presidential candidate, much like the aniconistic imams of the Islamic faith, campaign against the media. Given the recent advancements in telepathic communications, it seems likely.

Telepathy, as far as I can see, is the best hedge against an increasingly concentrated and heirarchal image economy. The question is, Who among us is willing to let others in our head in exchange for a chance to do that ourselves?

But isn't that already the pattern? Have we not made a similar deal with companies who, in exchange for opening informational doors for us, have reserved the right to track us, use that information as they see fit, if not against our best interests? 

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