Friday, November 18, 2016


That art world juggernaut/benevolent society known as e-flux continues its monetization/categorization of information through something called e-flux Architecture (remember when e-flux subscribers were suddenly receiving something called art-agenda?). This most recent issue caught my eye: SUPERHUMANITY -- Ingo Niermann, "Real Estate Porn".

Funny, when I think of "real estate porn" I think of people sitting at their computers scrolling through MLS sites like And come to think of it, when I think of people having sex, I think of them doing it openly at bars and cafes, where they talk about housing prices and which house sold for how much.

Here is the last line of Niermann's essay:

"People who continue to insist on a vast physical space just for themselves will appear as an unacceptable burden on the environment."

A familiar proposition? Especially so after reading the Guardian's review of Die Geträumten, a film based on the love letters between Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan. It is here that reviewer Philip Olterman reminds us that Bachmann came from a part of Austria (Corinthia) that voted 99.8% in favour of annexation (Anschluss) with Nazi Germany.

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