Thursday, September 10, 2015

"First Nations Art and the Matter of Its Politics" (2015)

After a brief end-of-August hiatus, Momus: a Return to Art Criticism is back with fresh links to Artnet News and a commissioned article by Clint Burnham that features the determiner "its" in its title. As in, "First Nations Art and the Matter of Its Politics."

Where to begin? Well, let's start with the hyperlinks, of which there are eight:

Equinox Gallery
Macaulay & Co. Fine Art
Museum of Anthropology
Raymond Boisjoly
Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery
Contemporary Art Gallery
"Aesthetic Apartheids"
"while viewable online"

Of these eight, the last one links to artist Marianne Nicolson's entry on the Medicine Project website. Aesthetic Apartheid links to Roy Arden's important essay on the work of artists Beau Dick and Neil Campbell. Contemporary Art Gallery is a public gallery in Vancouver, while the Belkin is a university gallery. Macaulay & Co. Fine Art and Equinox Gallery are commercial galleries. Leaving artist Raymond Boisjoly, who, when you click on his name, links to a commercial gallery.

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