Friday, September 11, 2015

Art Critic Criticizes Chronicle's New Critic Pick

The time in which we are living allows for multiple planes and platforms. At the beginning of the previous century, artists invited us to consider the world through cubes, collages, montages… Today's online world is all of that (and more) at once. Generally speaking, a friend-ly, like-able, crystalline world that has critique (based on the terms a work sets out for itself) not so much an impossibility but an impracticality for a number of people who live and work online. This is one reason why criticism has fallen by the wayside.

Last spring, Kenneth Baker stepped down from his position as the San Francisco Chronicle's art critic. Here is a May 2015 piece he wrote for Art Ltd.

Here is Jillian Steinhauer's September 10th response to news of Baker's replacement.

And here, for the hell of it, is a reproduction of an untitled verifax collage by Wallace Berman (circa late-1960s):

Do you like it?

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