Monday, February 9, 2015

Sunday, Sunday

The sun made a rare appearance yesterday. In celebration, I drove to the Belkin Gallery, where I took in the Tom Burrows exhibition.

The exhibition display -- at least the work in the Belkin's largest (partitioned) gallery -- takes place over three movements: Tom's earliest projects, some of which were realized at the Maplewood Mudflats; more expressive sculptures from the 1970s; and the work he is perhaps best known for, his polymer resin panels.

Here is an attempt to represent one of Tom's earliest works, entitled Mud Ring (c. 1960s):

Here is a link to that same work at the Ruins in Process: Vancouver Art in the Sixties website.

The remainder of the exhibition can be found in the aisle, where archival materials concerning Tom's squatters shack at Maplewood and the home he built at Hornby Island can be found; in the print gallery to the north of it, evidence of a commissioned study Tom undertook on global squatter culture.

From the Belkin, I returned east to Main Street to shop for my supper. Because the sun was still out, I parked some distance from my destination and walked south.

In the windows of the still-un-re-opened Liberty Bakery hang a series of condensation paintings:

Across the street at Smoking Lily, a video loop of the Mainstreeters at Wavenrock:

And finally, Ye Olde Real Estate Office Shoppe:

Once home, I pruned the mulberry I purchased fifteen years ago this spring from Glenn Lewis's Flagrant Flora:

And that, apart from a quiet supper and a few more pages of Bachelard's The Poetics of Space, was my day.

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