Sunday, February 1, 2015

40 … 30 … 24 ...

"I hope Janet Cardiff has a good lawyer," tweets Jason Farago in response to Björk's upcoming MoMA exhibition, which features a "new commission" that Farago believes to be an infringement on Cardiff's Forty-Part Motet (2001).

Here is how the MoMA (?) describes Björk's commission:

Yet as Björk recorded the album, "Black Lake" took careful technological shape. Along with "Stonemilker," it is part of a "new commission" of the MoMA exhibition. At the sessions, each of the 30 string players was individually miked; MoMA is building a room with an array of speakers that will allow visitors to approach each track separately for a spatial experience of the music.

Not sure I agree that Cardiff has a case against Björk, no more than I believe that Kandinsky owns the triangle or that Albers owns the square.

Seems a better case might be made for (or against, in this instance) Douglas Gordon's treatment of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960).

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