Friday, February 13, 2015

Tales from the Market State

The item below ("Vancouver homeless man gives reality check on shelter, hunger") was part of yesterday's CKNW news cycle:

Liza Yuzda

Vancouver homeless man gives reality check on shelter, hunger
We hear so many calls to help people living on the street in Vancouver.
But one local man, who’s been homeless for years, says there is already so much assistance available, and no one’s taking advantage of it.
“People who say they are hungry down here are crazy. They are lying. I can’t walk 10 feet without somebody offering me food.”
Bill says he thinks many people standing with their hands out are playing the hungry, helpless act, and it frustrates him.
“The supposed homeless on Robson street are begging for change. (A guy) makes enough to go do his drugs. He does them and he comes back and sits there again.”
Bill says his same feeling of frustration led to the recent incident on Robson Street where a Tim Horton’s owner poured water on a homeless man and his belongings.
Bill says that was wrong, but he gets it.

While I appreciate CKNW giving voice to the "homeless," this item does not sit well with me.
Why are we not given Bill's last name? If Bill did not want it used, why are we not told this?
Are Bill's "years" of homelessness enough to make him an expert on homelessness?
As for the timing of this item, it was obviously brought on by the Tim Horton's incident. But was it brought on simply to soften what happened there?

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