Friday, May 16, 2014

Liberty Bakery

Rumours abound (I am told they are true) that the Rodney Graham Family Studio has taken over the Liberty Bakery at the north-west corner of Main and 20th and will re-open it after a light edit.

Yesterday, while taking a break from writing, I rode my bike over to Main to see how things are going.

As you can see, RGFS has repainted the exterior in just the right white and just the right black, a treatment that only accentuates this gently French building. (I look forward to seeing what the studio has made of the inside.)

But as you can also see, part of the building bears the mark of its neighbour, Eugene Choo, who had earlier opened an annex shop inside its northernmost space, and, rather than allow the building to attract attention, has placed its brand before it.

I cannot say I am in favour of this. I know it is a branding gesture, but it feels like territorial pissing to me. Put another way: a case of less forest, more trees.


  1. What will the Family Studio consist of?
    Private or public space?

  2. My understanding is that LIberty will remain open to the public -- as it was before.