Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Park am Gleisdreieck

Landed in Berlin yesterday afternoon after a most rational Lufthansa flight from Vancouver, via München. Following that, a long bus ride and a two-stop train trip to KW, where I was greeted in the hof by Juan, whose team had just announced the artists for the biennale and whose phone did not stop buzzing the entire time. Joining us at our table was Judy and Alberto, who, at the end-stage of a violent food poisoning, sipped tea while Juan, Judy and I did the same to our proseccos.

Although tempted by a second flute, I decided it was best to drop off my luggage before the jet-lag kicked in, and so from there Judy and I took the S2 south from Orienburger to Yorck, after which we walked through the newly-created Gleisdreieck Park (see photo at the top of this post) to Dan and Christian's new apartment at the south-east corner of Monumenten and Kreuzberg overlooking one of my favourite places for outdoor essen und trinken, Kurhaus Ponte Rosa, where we dined before the sirens of jet-lag arrived with their musicians.

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